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Developers can manipulate a website’s content, structure, and style using the Javascript DOM (Document Object Model). The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the DOM and teach you how to manipulate it using Javascript. In addition to providing basic DOM operations, this article is also a useful reference.

What is the DOM?

A website consists of HTML and CSS at its most basic level. Document Object Model (DOM) is what the browser creates as a representation of the document. The documents in this section enable Javascript to manipulate a website’s elements and styles. …

AJ Auntor ES6 Blog

There are many versions of JavaScript. But today I gonna discuss about special ES6 or ECMAScript 6 as well as some advance features of JavaScript .

01. What is ES6 ?

ES6 is modern JavaScript version, Which released 17 June 2015 by ECMA International. ES6 is currently the most preferred version of JavaScript developers. But…

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