Frontend Development Roadmap

AJ Auntor
3 min readOct 26, 2021
AJ Auntor

01. Frontend development without fundamentals is impossible.

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JavaScript and front-end frameworks are only possible if you have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science.

When you learn what a function is, how your code is interpreted, and how data is handled, you will greatly improve your understanding of programming languages and your web development journey will get off to a great start.

02. Understanding the web is essential before learning front-end

AJ Auntor

The importance of understanding HTTP and DNS, or how a browser can display a website, is paramount for a Front-end developer.

Prepare yourself to handle APIs, send and receive data, and communicate with APIs:

you will need to handle APIs.

03. Learn HTML and CSS

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HTML is the foundation of everything, then CSS was created to make things look more attractive.

The aim of this course is to teach you how to create your first web page using HTML and how to style an element using CSS to give it the look you desire.

04. Your Frontend Projects should be showcased in a Portfolio.

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You can practice developing stuff to retain notions, and you can practice by developing stuff. This “stuff” will be more useful if it helps you further your goal toward becoming a successful front-end developer.

The first thing you’re asked for when talking to a potential customer or someone seeking a job is your portfolio, which is a collection of your best work.

With a basic understanding of HTML, you will be able to make the first step towards creating your portfolio, setting up the main visual architecture, and developing your brand identity.

05. Learn JavaScript to make your front-end more interactive

06. Code Optimization: Build Your Knowledge from Algorithms and Data Structures

07. Learn about APIs for connecting your front-end

08. Learn to use the JavaScript Framework to accelerate front-end development

09. Workflow Improvements for Front End Styling

10. Do Not Lose Your Work — Learn Git.

keep learning and never give up.