Most Important JavaScript fact should know every junior programmer.

AJ Auntor JavaScript Fact blog.

01. What is the difference between Double equal (==) and Triple equal (===) in JavaScript ?

02. Simple Explanation of Scope in JavaScript.

03. what is closure in JavaScript ?

04. what is private variable? (for all languages included JavaScript).

05. encapsulation in JavaScript.

06. JavaScript Global Variable.

07. What is JavaScript ?

08. Key features of JavaScript.

09. What is DOM ?

10. What is an API ? (Application Programming Interface).

11. The Purpose of API.

12. The “ GET ”method in JavaScript.

13. The “POST ”method in JavaScript.

14. How recursion works in JavaScript?

15. recursion vs iteration.

“We have now reached the end of our journey in the world of functional programming, but there is still much more to learn about this discipline.”



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