AJ Auntor JavaScript Fact blog.
AJ Auntor JavaScript Fact blog.

01. What is the difference between Double equal (==) and Triple equal (===) in JavaScript ?

Both of these comparison operators have equality operators, the triple equals, ===, is what’s called a strict equality operator while the double equals are equality operators.

In order to evaluate the equality operator, the value and the type of the operands must match. If the value and the type are not the same, the comparison evaluation will evaluate to false.

For example:

4 === “4” //won’t evaluate because the left operand is of type ‘number’ while the right operand is of type ‘string’.

Because the equality operator uses those operands that are already the same type (if not already) before…

AJ Auntor ES6 Blog
AJ Auntor ES6 Blog

There are many versions of JavaScript. But today I gonna discuss about special ES6 or ECMAScript 6 as well as some advance features of JavaScript .

01. What is ES6 ?

ES6 is modern JavaScript version, Which released 17 June 2015 by ECMA International. ES6 is currently the most preferred version of JavaScript developers. But the problem is that it is not yet fully supported in all browsers. However, most of the features are supported now. But even then, since it’s not fully supported, you have to be very careful in using it. …

AJ Auntor JavaScript Blog.
AJ Auntor JavaScript Blog.

01. What is JavaScript ?

Basically JavaScript is a scripting language, and also dynamic programming language. “Brendan Eich” is creator of JavaScript, When it first came on to the market, the purpose was simply to bring web interactions to Web browser for good user experience. JavaScript first released December 4, 1995, But in the last 25 years, JavaScript has become a full-fledged and smart programming language. Now JavaScript use for Creating web apps, Mobile apps, Game Development and also Adding interactive behavior in Websites.

02. Basic JavaScript Output.

Every language has own rule to show output, JavaScript also displays its…

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